Lamina Tube Settlers

AQUAPAC® Laminar Plate Tube Settlers

Leading water clarification technology

AQUAPAC Laminar Tube Settlers arrange clarifier upflow through flat inclined plates with segregated “tubes”/compartments for the lateral distribution of flow.

Distributed, unhindered solids settlement – “with the flow”

Process attributes:

  • process stability
  • settled water quality
  • flow distribution uniformity
  • dense sludge zones
  • underflow loss reduced – up to 60% (simple sedimentation mode clarification comparison)
  • underflow management automation;
  • Ti0 stabilised rigid uPVC material – service life durability
  • projected settling area leverage
  • efficient flat plate drainage
  • diurnal raw water temperature variation tolerance

Factory or Site Assembly

  • Factory assembled modules option
  • Flatpack supply for site assembly option

AQUAPAC® Laminar Plate Tube Settlers – patent 2019100751

Capture the best of Laminar Plate and Tube Settler technologies:

Laminar Plate solids drainage efficiency + Tube Settler’s lateral flow distribution.

Geometric & physical properties:

Readily available vertical height (mm):

650, 900, 1200

Angle of inclination (o):

55 - 60

Plate pitch options @ 60°

48, 50, 52

Projected settlement area leverage

eg., 650mm height, 48mm plate pitch, 60° inclination

6.8 times

eg., 900mm height, 55.4mm plate pitch, 60° inclination

9.4 times

eg., 1,200mm height, 55.4mm plate pitch, 58° inclination

12.5 times


rigid uPVC + 2% TiO


PMS299 (Blue)

Specific gravity (g/cm³):


Application Engineering

  • construction methodology, site assembly, implementation
  • hydraulic distribution and settled water collection design
  • structural support systems design
  • sludge collection equipment integration
  • automated underflow management design

Quality & Value Management

  • ISO 9001 quality management guidelines
  • integrated planning, communication and scheduling systems
  • AutoCad and Inventor modelling – computer aided design systems
  • value engineered outcomes