Welcome to Microfloc Pty Ltd



Microfloc Pty Ltd purchased Aquagenics Pty Ltd.’s assets in 2013.



Aquagenics’ legacy assets include its IP, highly developed water and waste water process and plant designs, trademarks and records relating to > 200 water treatment plant installations throughout Australasia.



  • Impart value to standardised plant, products and services


Brands and Products

  • Aquagenics ® Water Treatment systems
  • Aquapac ® Conventional Package WTP
  • Aquapac ® Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF and DAFF) package plant to 5ML/d
  • Microfloc Tube Settlers
  • Microfloc Cross Flow Plate Separators
  • Platypus Jar Testers ®
  • Platypus DAF Test Accessories ® in conjunction with Platypus Jar Testers ®