Dissolved Air Flotation Plant (DAF)
Dissolved Air Flotation over Filters (DAFF)

  • robust high rate stable process suited to variable raw water conditions
  • Microfloc field proven standardised designs
  • integrated flocculation, flotation and filtration process
  • pre packaged plant to 5ML/d
DAFF Float


  • potable water treatment
  • tertiary waste water treatment
  • thickened float/sludge 
  • colder waters
  • algae issues
  • water with taste and odour issues
  • low alkalinity waters

DAFF upstream of membrane filtration plant is highly cost effective:

  • promotes the ‘multiple barrier” process with redundancy concept
  • protects membranes
  • improves NPV whole of life costs 


  • stable process
  • small footprint
  • low waste water volumes,  high float solids concentration
  • immune to diurnal raw water temperature variations
  • cost effective
  • DAFF with low pressure snail blowers for float removal

  • 3 ML/d design and construct DAFF + 2 ML/d CMF

  • 2.5 ML d Wallangarra DAFF Plant

    2.5 ML/day DAFF Plant D&C Delivery

  • 2.5M ML/d DAFF Plant

    2.5 ML/d DAFF Plant QLD Delivered D&C

  • 4 ML d DAFF Plant Tasmania

    4 ML/day DAFF Plant Tasmania D&C Delivery