Conventional Treatment Package Plant

Microfloc Pty Ltd manufactures and supports the AQUAPAC ® range of package water treatment plants for potable WTP capital markets.

The AQUAPAC ® range offers integrated “full treatment” - coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration - to treat surface and ground waters.

The AQUAPAC ® range provides the cumulative development, value engineering, component evaluation and performance improvements derived from eighty package plant installations throughout Australasia.


  • static and pulsed sludge sedimentation process
  • Microfloc Tube Settlers for high rate/efficiency clarification
  • combined air and water filter cleansing
  • PLC controls
  • SCADA management for plant performance QA, reviews, documentation and remote access and control
  • static sludge extraction 


2.2 ML/day AQUAPAC® pulsed sludge blanket package plant